Help restore a neglected Victorian walled garden

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Gardens are so important to our health. No matter who you are, a stroll through a beautiful natural environment can have many positives for your mental and physical health.

In the grounds of the old Mansion House, at Glenfield Hospital, we have our very own Victorian walled garden – the Secret Garden.

This very overgrown garden is currently looked after by a small band of volunteers who recognise its enormous value.

It is the ‘Secret’ Garden because not many people know about it yet. But its potential to benefit everyone - our patients, families, staff, partners and the wider community - is immense.

The Secret Garden Project has brought together health, mental health, environment, gardening and horticulture.

It has reconnected us with the rich heritage attached to Leicester Frith. The story that has been unearthed by the Secret Garden project so far is fascinating and has left all us wanting to uncover more of the garden’s history.

The Secret Garden project will give us all a fabulous Victorian walled garden, thoughtfully designed and restored in consideration of the health benefits of natural environments.

In addition, the project will build a learning centre, café and shop and transform an apple store into a museum. The garden will also provide an environment and programme of activities for learning, wellbeing and enjoyment.  All of this will be done with an appreciation of our heritage.

The project target is £2.3 million. It’s challenging, but with people behind it, not insurmountable.

Donate to help bring the Secret Garden to life using the button below, or to find out more about the project and how you can get involved in the Secret Garden now and in the future, email or Sue at or on 0116 258 4114.