Delivering today's research for tomorrow's medicine

As convenient as it would be, the future of medicine and clinical innovation is not just going to discover itself!

To be able to push into new frontiers in healthcare and treatment for patients, it takes a lot of hard work by a lot of committed people.

At Leicester's Hospitals, we're lucky to have a crack team of dedicated clinical research and innovation staff, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Together with volunteer patients of all ages and backgrounds, they work hard every day to investigate and innovate the medical challenges that many of us face.

That's why we as a charity are incredibly proud to support the work of all those involved in research here at Leicester's Hospitals – who are all delivering today's research for tomorrow's medicine.

Children's Clinical Research Facility


Thanks to donations from people like you, we are proud to say that we were able to help fund this amazing new Clinical Research Facility at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. To find out more about how this superb space enables younger patients to help shape the future of children’s medicine, visit the Leicester’s Research page.

Meet the Research Nurses that YOU helped fund

Kaitlin - Breast Care Nurse.JPG

Kaitlin – Breast Care Nurse

…is our new Breast Care Research Nurse helps us to find patients eligible to take part in research studies. Without Kaitlin we wouldn’t be able to offer so many of our patients the opportunity to take part in research studies!

Rebecca – Thoracic Research Nurse

…is our first ever Thoracic Research Nurse. Thanks to Rebecca, we’ve not only been able to recruit more patients for studies, we’ve also been able to provide opportunities for patients to take part in research studies here in Leicester!

Rebecca - Thoracic Research Nurse.JPG