New trolley to revolutionise prostate biopsies at Leicester's Hospitals

New trolley to revolutionise prostate biopsies at Leicester's Hospitals

Tuesday 23 July

Treatment for prostate cancer patients in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire is set to be revolutionised thanks to a new medical theatre trolley funded by two local cancer charities.

Up to 1,000 prostate cancer patients a year receiving treatment at the Leicester General Hospital will benefit from the innovative new trolley purchased jointly by charities PROSTaid and Brown Dog.

The new trolley will prevent prostate cancer patients from requiring a general anaesthetic when undergoing transperineal (between the legs) biopsies, and eliminate the typical five to six week waiting time for theatres to become available, making procedures quicker and more comfortable.

Costing just under £12,000, the trolley will also help to dramatically reduce the risks of patients developing sepsis as they will allow the surgeon access to the patient’s prostrate without having to go through the rectum.


The new trolley was publicly unveiled at the Urology Assessment Centre at the Leicester General Hospital, with Consultant Urological Surgeon Masood Khan on hand to demonstrate the new equipment.

"This new theatre trolley will enable us to perform transperineal prostate biopsies under local anaesthetic in the out-patient setting," explains Mr Khan.

"This will not only be safer for our patients but will also increase our theatre capacity to perform procedures that can only be undertaken using a general anaesthetic."

Director of PROSTaid, Rob Banner, says the new trolley will be of great benefit to prostate cancer patients.

"This will make an immense difference to prostate cancer patients needing biopsies," says Rob.

"It will help make them more accurate, much faster and remove the six percent risk of sepsis, so dramatically improving their treatment journey."

Founder of Brown Dog, Mark Storer, says his organisation are proud to have jointly funded the trolley.

“We are delighted to provide 50% of the funding for this equipment and new procedure which will really make a difference to men fighting prostate cancer," says Mark.

"This funding came from people who took part in our 50 mile, 24 hour Moonfleet Challenge in June this year in Cornwall."