Freemasons' £42,936 Echo gift for Glenfield

Freemasons' £42,936 Echo gift for Glenfield

Monday 15 July 2019

Heart patients at Glenfield Hospital are benefitting from a brand new, portable ultrasound machine thanks to an incredibly generous donation from the Mark Master Masons.

Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons presented Leicester Hospitals Charity with a new Portable Echo Machine, purchased with a £42,936 donation from the Mark Benevolent Fund, the official charity of the Mark Master Masons.

The new machine will perform echocardiograms, ultrasound scans of the heart to provide consultants with real-time images of heart walls and valves. It can also be used to help scan other organs using a variety of add-on probes.

Consultant Anaesthetist Michael Schupp gratefully received the new echo machine from Tony Morris, Deputy President of the Mark Master Masons Benevolent Fund.

Mr Schupp expressed his thanks to the Masons on behalf of all the staff at Glenfield Hospital for this generous gift.

"As we use the only other machine at our disposal 20 to 30 times a day," says Mr Schupp, "this new equipment will lead to better patient care and diagnosis.

"The new equipment is of a small footprint design, which enables the hospital to manoeuvre it to the patients, rather than having to move the patients to the theatre which takes time and resources. It is also much easier to use and to train others to use than the only other device in operation, which is now nine years old."

Tony Morris says that when the Masons first heard of the appeal for new equipment, the trustees were only too willing to help out.

"The Mark Master Masons Benevolent Fund raises money from its 45,000 members around the country specifically to help those in need, such as providing new Air Ambulances, Blood Bikes, Mobile Treatment Centres, and of course vital equipment to Hospitals and Hospices, such as the one here today," says Tony.

Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons , Peter Kinder, was also instrumental in the decision to help purchase the machine.

"When I spoke with Debbie Adlerstein of the Leicester Hospitals Charity, I knew that we would be able to help with more than just a donation to the new equipment, but to fund a complete new device."