Caring for every kidney

Who are we?

The John Walls Renal Unit at Leicester General Hospital treats people with kidney disease from all of Leicestershire & Rutland (as well as people from parts of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire).

The renal team treat hundreds of people who have complete kidney failure and need dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant to take the place of the kidneys. We also treat many people with less severe kidney disease and work to stop it getting worse.

We are very fortunate to be one of the Leicester Tigers official charity partners for this season, the team and the club are being very supportive of our Kidney Care Appeal. Click here to read about when the players came to visit our Kidney patients and shoot this video to promote the appeal.

Leicester Tigers supporting Leicester Hospitals Charity Kidney Care Appeal

Our research

As well as caring for patients, staff at the John Walls Renal Unit are very involved in research to:

  • Understand kidney disease better
  • Find better ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating kidney disease
  • Improve the health of people who live with the long term effects of kidney failure

Some of this research is in laboratories, some of it is working with patients. In our research we work closely with the University of Leicester and Loughborough University.

Why raise money?

Although the NHS provides excellent clinical facilities, we always need additional equipment to help improve the quality of care for our kidney patients who must live with a demanding long term condition. Research is not cheap and we need help to  maintain and improve our education & research programmes.

All this is supported by funding raised through the Kidney Care Appeal. The Appeal, launched in 2005, has raised over £300,000 to date to support kidney patients and research. We are extremely grateful for the on-going support of the public, patients and our generous donors.

We continue to raise funds for two special  projects:

Exercise for kidney patients
Regular exercise is important for us all and also helps patients with all stages of kidney disease.  Our research is finding out how exercise helps  kidney patients, working out the best sort of  exercise for them, helping patients to start regular exercise and continue it. Leicester is now the leading centre in the UK for research into  exercise for kidney disease. 

Improving kidney transplant outcomes
The Leicester transplant team is leading the way in the UK developing  new techniques to help protect kidneys during the time between them being removed from a donor and the transplant being performed. This research is helping more kidneys to be used for transplants, and increases the length of time that transplants work. 

Did you know?

  • Chronic kidney disease affects up to 7% of the population. It is more  common in the elderly; in people with diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and  cardiac disease; and in South Asian or Afro-Caribbean populations. 
  • There are approximately 6,000 people in the UK waiting for a kidney transplant of which 235 are on the waiting list at Leicester’s   Hospital. 
  • In Leicestershire alone, there are around 370 people receiving haemodialysis three times a week. Each session lasts four hours and the majority of people have to travel to hospital to have this done although some can do this at home.
  • In its most severe form, kidney disease requires treatment by dialysis or a kidney transplant and there are nearly 60,000 people in the UK receiving such treatment. 

For further information please contact Kamlesh Mistry, Community and Events Fundraising Manager, on 0116 258 4943 or email