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Every mum deserves to choose where she wants to give birth.

Last year, 212 babies across Leicestershire and Rutland were born at home with the support of the Home Birth Team – just over 2% of births under the care of Leicester’s Hospitals.

Launched in September 2017, the team offer all expectant mothers in our care a 24/7 service throughout the term of their pregnancy from 16 weeks.

From group information sessions and having a dedicated team of midwives to guide them every step of the way, home birth is now a more widely available option than ever before for mothers across our region.

The Home Birth Team are passionate and they work around the clock for their patients. But to go above and beyond for their patients, they need YOUR help!

I felt being in familiar surroundings would make things more relaxed. I had the same two midwives throughout, which was amazing. I am planning another home birth, to recreate the same empowering experience.”
— Claire, north Leicester

By supporting the Home Birth Team Appeal, you’ll be helping to provide new equipment so the team can carry out vital health checks on newly born babies.

You’ll also enable the team to get equipment such as TENs machines – to help with pain management during birth – or even new birthing pools so that every woman who wants a water birth at home has that opportunity.

You’ll also help to nuture a growing support group of mums in our region so that new and future mothers can get help and advice from each other.

Please help us to empower the mothers and families of Leicestershire and Rutland by donating to our Home Birth Team Appeal!

To find out more about the appeal, or the fantastic work the Home Birth Team are doing, contact our Trusts Manager, Sue, on 0116 258 4114 or email