Chloe Denton

Local mum benefits from new iPad to bond with newborn son 

The neonatal department at Leicester’s Hospitals now has seven iPads available for mothers to see their babies using video calling software when they are too unwell to visit the unit or have been transferred to another hospital.

The iPads, which were purchased using funds from Leicester Hospitals Charity and the Central Newborn Network Project, have already benefited women in Leicester, enabling them to join in with ward rounds and be kept up-to-date with their baby’s progress. Chloe Denton is one such mother. She found out during her pregnancy that her baby was suffering from intrauterine growth restriction, which refers to poor growth of the baby while in the mother’s womb. Chloe was monitored regularly and prepared to be induced 36 weeks in her pregnancy. At 34 weeks, however, everything changed. Chloe started fitting, so the decision was made to carry out an emergency C-section the next morning. Chloe explains: “It was an extremely traumatic time and after a quick glimpse of my little boy, Oliver, he was whisked away to the neonatal unit. I felt lost and desperate to see him.” Nurses on the ward where Chloe was recovering gave her an iPad so she could see Oliver while she was unable to walk to the neonatal unit herself. Marie Hubbard, neonatal research nurse for Leicester’s Hospitals said: “It is fantastic that staff are already starting to see the benefits of these iPads. We are very grateful to Leicester Hospitals Charity and the Central Newborn Network project for enabling us to buy them.” iPads are now available in the neonatal unit and delivery suite at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the Leicester General Hospital for women who are too unwell to visit their baby.

I got to see Oliver for the first time and I was elated. Just seeing him happy and settled gave me immense comfort. I can’t thank the staff in the neonatal unit enough for letting me experience such an amazing thing with my son. The first few hours are so important for bonding and that was all I wanted with Oliver.
— Chloe Denton, Proud mum.