Josh and Jessica's 9.5 Mile bike ride!

Josh and Jess.jpg

Joshua Shannon, 11, and Jessica Shannon, 6, are two of our youngest supporters. Throughout 2018, Josh and Jessica have been raising money for the Children's Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary. Josh, Jessica, Mum and Dad planned on doing a 7 mile bike ride, but ended up cycling 9.5 miles! 

With help from their family and friends, the two of them have managed to raise an amazing £100, which will be spent on enhancements for the Leicester Children's Hospital.

Josh said "I rode 9.5 miles because I wanted to raise money for the children's hospital to help the children in hospital and their families. I also did it to spend time with my family". 

Josh and Jessica's Mum, Sara, went on to say "at school the children have had a theme of 'Helping Others' and they've had homework relating to that. They both decided to raise money for the children's hospital and Jessica had has to do a presentation on it. It was the first time that Jessica has ridden a bike with gears and without stabilisers so we were all extremely proud"

I wanted to raise money to help the poorly people in hospital.
— Jessica Shannon, 6