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Arts & Heritage at UHL

Since 1771, when the Leicester Royal Infirmary first opened, Leicester’s Hospitals have collected thousands of extraordinary objects.

It’s an often curious collection of photographs, artwork, adverts, posters, newspaper clippings, medical instruments, remedies and more.

This eclectic collection provides a fascinating look into the history of healthcare. It also shows how our society, lifestyles and views on health and wellbeing have changed over time.

Leicester’s Hospitals Arts & Heritage Programme is bringing enthralling exhibits, wonderful workshops and engaging events to entertain and educate our many patients, visitors and staff while improving their health and mental wellbeing,

But in order to do so, we need support of generous donors like you to help fund this fantastic programme.

Help us to provide this worthwhile endeavour by donating to the Arts & Heritage Programme and along with the support of our many local partners, we can bring the history of Leicester’s Hospitals to life for generations to come.

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