**Thanks to the generosity of the people from Leicester, Leicestershire and beyond we have received enough knitted clothing and triangles to last our neonatal babies a few months, we will certainly need more in the future so please check back for updates. In the meantime if you did want to continue knitting we would be delighted to receive blankets for our neonatal babies and items for our older patients. Thank you so much for your support.**

Could you knit for the babies in our neonatal unit or for our older patients?

We have several groups and individuals that regularly knit bonnets, blankets, cardigans and the very useful ADAPT triangles for babies as well as twiddle muffs, blankets, twiddle bags and clothing items for our older patients and they are always gratefully received by staff on the units.

Please follow the links below to have a look at the knitting patterns we have

Knitting for our Neonatal Babies

Knitting for our Older Patients - please call the Patient Experience Team on 0116 258 5384 to see what they require and to request patterns.

If you have some knitting that you would like to donate, please contact Marie Hough, Rebecca Porteous or Jayesh Mistry in the fundraising office on 0116 258 8709.